"At the beginning of 2010 I came across my diary from last year. I had a quick flick through and was hit with the realisation of exactly how much my life has changed since January ’09. My diary is littered with words like ‘Golden Globes’, ‘Baftas’, ‘Brits’ and ‘The Oscars’ – all of which my working life revolved around...

Fast forward a year and my January is barren. The pages are a wasteland of days and dates and woefully empty pages. My poor, poor moleskin must have been sobbing into its perfectly intact spine at such a pitiful sight..."

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Inside & Out

This time last year I used to sing “hips so wide” to the tune of Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie. I couldn’t sleep due to the unbearable weight making my sternum feel like it was going to crack – really annoying as all everyone kept saying was “ooooh, make sure you get your sleep in now!” with knowing winks, that I totally didn’t get at the time. I was kicked pretty hard (no wonder The Midge was walking at 10 months, what with all the womb-house karate practice), and a tiny little upside down bottom pushing up into my diaphragm meant I had to crawl around on all fours after dinner, to create space.

Today, the two of us spent the afternoon dancing around to Russian Folk music in Russell Square for the Bloomsbury festival. We ate vegetable fritters together, made funny faces at strangers and laughed at nothing.

Tonight before bed, she held out those arms that last year were just bony little elbows poking my insides, put them around my neck and gave me a big hug.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Holiday Heaven

We’ve just got back from our first holiday as a family of three in Skye.

This time last year The Kiwi and I were on our way home from our Babymoon in Cornwall.